The specialised investigative services can be summarised as follows: 

Vetting /Probity checks 

We conduct quality verification services, employment history checks and identity verification services.Through the use of public records and databases, we can compile comprehensive probity checks relating to individuals as well companies. We also provide criminal checks through the use of AFISWITCH / fingerprint identification. The information obtained from these checks can be used as an investigative tool to enable us to conduct a successful investigation.

Truth verification 

We also provide services relating to truth detection through the use of Psychological Stress Evaluation (PSE) or Voice Stress Analysis and / or Polygraph testing.

Digital forensics 

We have access to experts in the field of Digital Forensics. Digital Forensics entails inter alia the identification of relevant digital evidence, forensic preservation of digital evidence, scientific examination and analysis and interpretation thereof to establish the facts.

Labour Relations

  •     We offer specialised, expert services in the fields of Labour Dispute Resolutions and Disciplinary Hearings (Presiding Officer);
  •     Negotiation and vetting of labour and employment contracts; and
  •     Compliance Assessment Reviews.     

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety Compliance Assessment Reviews